St. Joseph - Salem Heritage Society
Wyandot County, Ohio


Stained Glass Window Repair Started in April

Due to the generosity of the Orians family, three sections of the “Oriens” window will be removed and redone this spring.

 Franklin Art Glass Studios of Columbus, one of only a few companies in this area of the US that we would trust with the project, will take the window sections to Columbus for releading and replacement of broken glass.

The Oriens window was chosen because of it’s need and availability of funding.

We expect the repairs to be finished no later than the first of June.

Each major window is made up of 7 sections that can be each worked on independently. Most have 2-4 sections that are in much worse shape than the rest.  Given the costs of complete preservation, we must realistically consider a long term project that will start by fixing especially bad sections. We are keeping contributions for the windows in a separate savings account.

Further repairs are pending further contributions. Unless a family chooses to donate the funds to refurbish all bad sections of their ancestor’s window or all sections of their window, we will refurbish only the especially bad sections in each window proceeding window by window from worst to best. The estimate for all especially bad sections in the main windows totals over $13,000.   The estimate for especially bad sections in any one window ranges from $1,260 to $2,150. 

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